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Yu Ito Ph.D.

Post Doctoral fellow
School of Biological Sciences
University of Canterbury
Private Bag 4800,
Christchurch, 8020,

mobile ph: +64-021-0835-7336

Enlarged research activity map available HERE!!


This is a personal website of Dr. Yu Ito, a Japanese botanist who graduated with his PhD from the University of Tokyo, Japan. After working as postdocs in Hungary (2010-2011), Cadana (2011-2012), and Denmark (2012), Dr. Ito has currently been working at University of Canterbury, New Zealand for another postdoc.

Since the begining of his research carrer, he has consistently been working on the taxonomy and systematics of several aquatic plants, such as Najas, Potamogeton, Ruppia, and Zannichellia. In relation to the specific research topics, Dr. Ito has extensive field experiences in Asia, Australasia, Europe, and N. America, and floras of Myanmar and Thailand are among particular interest. To learn more about his current and past research themes, take a look at Research and Publications, or just visit and enjoy some botanical photos at Photo Gallery.

Please feel free to contact him with questions or requests (or misidentification reports).

!! NEWS !!

2014.00.00 Ito et al. (2014c) published in BP NEW

2014.03.21 JSPS 13th meeting (Kumamoto, JPN)

2014.02.24 Ito et al. (2014b) published in BDJ

2014.00.00 Ito & Cota-Sanchez (2014) published in GPR

2014.00.00 Ito (2014) published in Fl. Thailand

2014.00.00 Ito et al. (2014a) published in APG

2013.12.29 Ito & Barfod (2014) published in BDJ

2013.12.09 Ito (2013d) published in BWPSJ

2013.11.28 Seminar (Christchurch, NZ) (PDF)

2013.11.00 Ito (2013b) published in TFB

2013.07.07 MONOCOTS V (New York, USA) Abstract

2013.04.16 Ito et al. (2013a) published in JPR

2013.04.01 Ito & Tanaka (2013) published in APG

2013.03.15 JSPS 12th meeting (Chiba, JPN)

2013.02.25 Ito (2013a) published in Bunrui

2012.12.25 Ito (2012c) published in BWPSJ

2012.12.25 Ito (2012b) published in BWPSJ

2012.07.07 Botany 2012 (Columbus, USA)

2012.05.31 Ito (2012a) published in BWPSJ

2012.03.23 JSPS 11th meeting (Osaka, JPN)

2012.02.10 Named scholarship recipient by SJSF

2012.01.25 Named scholarship recipient by JSPS & RSNZ

2011.05.30 Seminar (Vienna, AUT) (PDF) (Photo)

2011.04.01 Extended scholarship in Hungary

2011.03.03 Named scholarship recipient by YSF

2010.11.30 Seminar (Kassel, DEU) (Abstract)

2010.11.02 Ito & Tanaka (2011) published in Telopea

2010.08.20 EAPDC Sympodium 2010 (Seoul, KR).

2010.07.07 Named scholarship recipient by HSB

2010.04.01 Ito et al. (2010) published in AJB (cover)


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